Friday, August 13, 2010

Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald

Interesting stuff from this month's Triathlete Magazine:

You've been told a million times that you should eat breakfast.  Well I'm here to suggest that you eat not just any breakfast, but a big breakfast.

Here's why:  People who eat breakfast every day tend to be leaner than those who routinely skip it.  You may think it's because breakfast revs up the body's metabolism, but that's actually a myth.  Instead, it appears that eating breakfast reduces appetite throughout the day.  So people who eat breakfast actually eat less overall that people who skip it.

In fact, a study conducted by University Texas El Paso found that the fewer calories people ate before noon, the more total calories they ate in the entire day.  That's right:  The more you eat before midday, the less you are likely to eat overall.

A couple of years ago, Daniela Jakubowicz, an endocrinologist at Virginia Commonwealth University, decided to find out how far she could take this idea.  She fed a variety of different breakfasts to women enrolled in a weight loss program.  Those who ate a large breakfast containing 610 calories lost a lot more weight than women given a modest-sized 290-calorie breakfast.  

What sort of breakfast has 610 calories?  How about two scrambled eggs, a bagel with low-fat cream cheese and a small glass of orange juice?  That's not a Denny's Grand Slam, but it's a pretty substantial meal, and certainly more than many people - even many triathletes - eat.

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