Thursday, August 26, 2010

What Sparks Your Dreams?

So an Ironman might not be your dream.  What is?

For my friend, Margie, her dream is to inspire others to create and bring out their inner artist.  She's been fulfilling that dream since I've known her, when we used to scrapbook together and hang out with our little chillins.

Today she has created her own empire.  She's got her own line of scrapbook paper and supplies, has an online kit of the month club, and has traveled around the world teaching paper arts to thousands of women.

Her latest venture is Spark #2, where she will bring hundreds of women together to enjoy crafting and creating, along with an artisan market in Linden, Utah.

The event is September 11-12, and unfortunately, I will not be there because I will be riding in the the Best Buddies Challenge along the PCH with my friends, Anthony and Maria Shriver.
But if you're in the neighborhood, you should really attend.  It looks very cool.

So cute.  So wishing I was going to be there!  

Whatever your dream, Dream Big and ignite the spark that makes you, YOU!

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Que lindo es sonar despierto.
How lovely it is to dream while you are awake.

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