Monday, August 2, 2010

Spudman 2010

There are a lot of good reasons to sign up for Spudman:  Pre-race baked potato and spaghetti dinner served by the Burley Lions Club;  miles and miles of bountiful farmlands, grazing horses and fantastic rolling hills;  a relaxed race atmosphere without the silly body markings that seem to tattoo themselves on your calves and shoulders.  Yes, these are all great reasons to make the drive up to eastern Idaho for an Olympic distance tri.

But the number one reason:  sleeping under the stars.

At this particular event, the citizens of Burley welcome you with open arms.  There is no rule book on where you may park your car and pull out your sleeping bag for the night.  No, sleeping arrangements are only determined on your best vantage point of the night's sky - that, and if you are in the path of the driving range sprinklers that click on in the wee hours of the morning.

There is much to enjoy about swimming in the Snake River with a current so strong you could never form a stroke and still get a swim PR.  The bike course is a little Tour de Farms-esque. And the run, ha!  The city's water trucks are stationed every three miles to douse you in a shower of cool refreshment - just in case it gets a little hot out there.

The Spudman is so popular these days you have to enter in a lottery and hope for the best.  But it's only $5 to enter.  Here's what the website says: 
Entry Fee and Refunds

The entry fee is $85.00 for individuals and $255.00 for teams. The fee includes: (Carbo Dinner) (Drawing) (T-shirt) (Swim cap) (Post Race Fruit & Refreshments) (Complete Results) (Hopefully a Fun Race).

Yes, it was a fun race.  I did it for the swim cap... and the post race fruit.  

But if you do it in 2011, bring your sleeping bag, your blow-up mattress, and lots of family and friends.  Who cares what your finishing time will be.  It's the TIME with them, under the stars, that matters.

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