Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Buzz

I don't want you to be the last to know, like I usually am.  So here's my tip o' the day.  Have you tried Honey Stinger products?

If not, you should.

Wednesday is long run day.  We had a 20 on the sched.  I usually stop the night before at my local tri shop and pick up a few PowerBar gels to sustain me through the run.  Yesterday, however, Brock suggested I try something different: the Honey Stinger gels and new Stinger waffles.

A gel is a gel is a gel, right?  I'm partial to PowerBar brand because they are less thick and seem to slurp down a little easier.  But Honey Stinger products are ... ridiculous.  Imagine downing a big squirt of pure, golden, sweet honey instead of some disgusting fake-flavored fruit concoction.  The Honey Stingers were actually good.  I never did the gel gag reflex (you know it, right?), and actually squeezed the package from the bottom to get every little bit of that sweet honey goodness inside me.  And my energy: through the roof.  Really, they're all that.

But the piece de resistance was the Organic Stinger Waffle.  Wow.  I really can't express my deep appreciation for Lance Armstrong's input on these little wondertreats.  As an owner in Honey Stinger, Lance suggested making a small version of the waffles that are sold throughout Europe and eaten by professional these.
Lance's inspiration, a thin filled waffle
Honey Stinger's version

I'm just gonna stop right here and tell you to go buy/try one for yourself.  They are truly the best nutritional product I have eaten...ever.

Congrats, Honey Stinger, for making something delicious, nutritious, packable and convenient.  You're now selling crack for athletes.  I'm addicted.  And the buzz is all about you!


  1. Angie, I bought mine at Iron Gear Sports on Power and McDowell.

  2. Oh man-----thanks Lorie for that tip! Those waffles are delish! I took a couple with me and Montana on our long run the other day. After we ate them both it was all I could think about!

  3. I have a question from a novice: How long of a run warrants a "gel" or energy snack? Is is over an hour, two? I always run on an empty stomach. I never know if I should bring something with me...


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