Sunday, February 13, 2011

Things You Ask Yourself When You're Running...

And your ipod stops working.

--Why did I wear such warm weather socks?
--How is she running so fast and taking off her sweatshirt at the same time?
--Should I check my Garmin and see my pace, or is it better not to look?
--When I turn, will the wind help push me up the hill?
--Did the wind switch directions?
--Can I actually see that next mile marker?
--Hmm, did I grab water or Gatorade to wash down this GU?
--That guy's running so slow.  Why can't I catch him?
--Was that really mile 12?
--Is this the longest mile?
--Should I take a peek behind me to see if anyone's going to pass me?
--Is all this heavy breathing good for me?
--Why did I sign up for a race that starts and ends uphill?
--Did I just help that charity out?
--That was awesome.  When can I do this again?

Ethan's Run 2011.  Great neighborhood feel.  Smiling crowds with happy runners.  Mile markers dedicating the next mile to a child with heart defects.  A community coming together.  A great way to spend a Saturday in February in Arizona. 

Here's some of the children we helped along the way:


  1. Where did the girl I'm coaching go? I thought she was supposed to be fast! Sucker. :0 You forgot to mention that one. P.s. I don't have a blog that I use, but here's some things I was thinking with an ipod that worked: Wow, I feel great. Wow, this is a loong hill. What a gorgeous day. I think all of these families with heart babies are amazing. Ohh, so sad, I think my heart will break if I keep thinking about them. My coach is fast. And awesome. I thought I was in better shape than this. Why is my knee hurting me? The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak! Advil. Nice. I think I'm going to cry if I keep having to slow down. I hope they don't close the course on me. I'm pretty sure I'm in better shape than I feel. I hope I am. I think I'm more of "10k" kind of girl... I better train more.

  2. And then, after hanging with my friends, visiting another in the neighborhood, getting on my bike to ride home....there on the course, at mile 11 was a lady walking her way in to the finish line. Nah, they'll never close the course and you'll never be last. That's the good stuff.


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