Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Carbs Schmarbs

Straight from Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook.

"Some athletes eat too few carbohydrates because they believe them to be fattening.

The inaccurate advice from diet gurus of years past still lingers among dieters who fear bread as being fattening.  Carbohydrates are NOT fattening!  Excess fats are fattening - butter on bread, oil on pasta, mayonnaise in sandwiches, cheese on crackers.  Fats provide 36 calories per teaspoon, as compared to 16 for carbohydrates.   Your body burns carbohydrates and stores the fats.  Excess dietary fats are easily stored as body fat.

If you desire to be gluttonous, your better bet is to overeat pretzels (carbohydrates), rather than peanuts (fats).  You'll fuel your muscles better and the next day you'll have a high-energy workout with well carbo-loaded muscles.  But do be aware that a continuous intake of excess carbs will eventually contribute to weight gain.  When your glycogen stores are filled, the excess calories will get stored as body fat.

Rather than trying to stay away from breads and bagels and other grains, remember these points:
*  Carbohydrates are less fattening than fatty foods.
*  You need carbs to fuel your muscles.
*  You burn carbs off during hard exercise.
*  Carbohydrates are a friendly fuel; the enemy is too many fats.
*  When dieting to lose weight, you should energize with cereal, bread, pasta, and potato, but reduce your intake of the butter, margarine, and mayonnaise that often accompany them."

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  1. Best advice: eat your carbs (whole grain) in the appropriate time frame before your carb burning workout. Then replenish as necessary (45 min-1hour).


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