Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jersey Organization 101

Hoarder, I'm not.  But my collection of dri-wick running tees and cycling jerseys seems to expand in my closet at an inordinately faster speed than I realize -- inching out precious blouse and trouser space and accumulating lots of spandex and stretchywear de Lululemon.

Am I a collector?  Do I need to keep every tech tee I get at a race, because it'  Is my love of lycra greater than my love of JCrew cotton? And why oh why do I have jerseys that don't fit well, are too short, are not cute in general - still hanging in my closet taking up space?  Maybe I AM a hoarder.

And with that ugly word, I have a solution.  A friend gave me the idea/tip/trick to hang up all my clean clothing with the hook of the hanger flipped toward me, instead of toward the back of the closet.  With this system, when you wear a jersey or tee, you can take it off the hanger and wear it, then rehang the item in it's proper (facing back of closet) way for future use, ensuring that you are actually wearing the clothes that are in your closet and not just looking at them.

This method of organization works over time.  As the year progresses, you can see which items you ARE wearing (they will be hung correctly), and which ones you NEVER WEAR (still flipped the wrong way).  Comprende?  Over a year's time, you can start eliminating those jerseys and tanks that don't get worn and make room for fresh new athletic apparel.  Yeah, Lulu!

Another tip.  After awhile the microfibers in our special tech fabric shirts break down and the stink stays put.  No amount of extra-strength Tide will take that stench out of that jersey.  Carpe diem, I say!  If the shirt stinks when it is fresh out of the washer/dryer, it's time to say farewell.  Toss it in the trash right along with your dryer lint.  Let it go.  Buh bye.  If you have a funk before you ride, you're headed downhill fast.

Eliminate.  Simplify.  De-junk and deodorize.  And honestly, make room for more jerseys and running tees, 'cause blouses and trousers are just not that important anymore.


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  2. like to see that you're wearing your tour de fire jersey!


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