Thursday, February 10, 2011

Swimming Tips From The Best
I've been perusing my notes from the lectures I attended a few years ago at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Ca.  Such good stuff.  One of the speakers was pro triathlete Sara McCarty, THE fastest swimmer on the tri circuit.  She specializes in open water swimming and how to basically leave competitors in her wake.

-- Technique comes first, then speed
-- Do one drill at a time (one drill per lap)
--Think of your swimming as smooth and pretty
  High elbows
  Good hip roll
  Don't cross center line
-- Stroke Length
  Long long long!
  Reach and glide in front
  Finish at thighs
  Be a speedboat >>> not a barge)))
  Remember, swimming originates at the core

6 Kick Switch - six kicks on one side, then switch to the other
Catch Up - One arm doesn't leave until it touches the tips of the other extended arm
Fingertip Drag - drag thumb up side of body and along the top of the water
Shark Drill - put kick board between legs, tap the top of the board at finish of each stroke
Swimming Blind - one swimmer per lane, closes eyes for 12 strokes

Drink water up to the start of the race
Eat a bar 1 hour before race
Take a GU 30 minutes before race
The best goggles are clear or metallic depending on lighting
Don't follow the crowd, outside is less crowded
Start at YOUR speed, maintain control, don't red line, steady pace after first buoy
Don't forget to BREATHE!!

And with that, go forth and swim.

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  1. all those reminders came to me when i finally got in the pool last week. so hard to remember but makes for a better workout


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