Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Don't Be THAT Guy

Holding your line.

Following the apex of the turn.

Riding with no hands while taking off your vest.

Passing comfortably or dropping back to fall into a pace line.

Jerry and DeeAnn explain cycling etiquette
Retrieving a water bottle in a feed zone.

If you ride with a group or race your bike, these skills are essential.  But how often do you take the time to practice these skills?  Most of us jump on our bikes and ride off to meet the group so we can hammer it with the Big Dogs.

But think back to your childhood.  If you played soccer or basketball or any sport for that matter, did you fill your practice time with scrimmage games exclusively?  I'm gonna go ahead and say no.  Your team most likely practiced drills and skills and maneuvers that would make you and your team better athletes and players.

Same goes for cycling.  In 2011, take the time to perfect your cycling chest of knowledge.  Practice track stands, and skidding to a stop, and bunny hopping.  Sign up for a cycling clinic like the one Gorilla Multisport lead last weekend at Two Wheel Jones bike shop in Mesa.
The Team Takes Direction

Feel The Love
Perfecting basic cycling skills will make you a more confident cyclists.  People will want to ride next to you instead of away from you.  Become the popular one on the bike, not the one you're afraid of (you know that guy, right?).  It'll do ya good.

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