Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fashion Week

You wouldn't believe what's out there for triathletes these days.  It's off the hook.  (Am I saying that right, Abby?)

Over the past few weeks, the Iron Gear Sports team has been meeting with reps, reps and more reps.  We've seen more gear than you could imagine.  And we like it.

Tri manufacturers have taken note of the needs of their consumers.  And they are coming to the retail racks with amazing stuff.  Jerseys have softer seams, shoes are more comfortable, wetsuits can make you swim faster and socks are ... almost bionic!

Especially exciting for us warm-weather athletes is the clothing that actually cools the body temperature by as much as 15 degrees.  What the?  Pearl Izumi's Spring line carries tech shirts and tri tops made from their own "Ice Pack" fabric.  Even black clothing will repel the sun's hottest rays.  Their cuts are less boxy and more flattering, their colors are up-to-date and their styles are cute!  I am in love with their Fall 2010 line.  But let's get through summer first.

Pactimo's high end shorts are ribbed at the leg with compression fabric, eliminating that uncomfortable tug you can get with rubber lined elastic.  They've got their own line of this new cooling fabric, too.

In fact, all the big guys are up to something, be it technical, wicking, hydrophobic, or breathable.

And it's all available soon.  Save your pennies because you're gonna want this stuff. And if you're going to own a pair of $130 shorts, they might as well keep your bum 15 degrees cooler.

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