Monday, February 1, 2010

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

You all know what that is, right?


On my quest to excel in the swim bike run game, I've put imitation to it's fullest use.  You might even call me a copycat.  I tend to stalk the faster runners on the track -- get behind them, mimic their turn over, the way they pump their arms and their general overall posture.

It's the same when I jump on a bike.  I usually try and tuck myself in behind Jim because he is The Best.  But you can spot the good riders in the group by the beautiful fluidity of their movement.  Their arms are relaxed.  Their hips are perfectly stable and unmoving.  The grip on their hoods is soft.  And their legs turn the cranks in nice, even circles.  It's lovely.
And swimming.  Well, I could go on all day about the beauty of the butterfly stroke.  Ian Thorpe, Michael Phelps, I watch you on YouTube anytime I need to see how humans really should move through the water.  Sometimes in the pool I just duck my head underwater and watch those part man/part fish people.  Do they have gils?  A special porpoise-like layer over their skin?  Could be.

I've found that imitation is the closest I will ever get to being one of those athletes that I stalk.  Maybe it's helping me improve.  Maybe it's not.  Either way, I'm still havin fun.


  1. Ah Lorie - little do you know but there are probably many out there who are imitating YOU! You rock.


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