Saturday, February 6, 2010

Paceline Perfection

Bicycling Magazine offers great advice to all levels of riders.  Here's one question they addressed last month:

"How long should I stay at the front of the paceline?"
In general, the higher the wind resistance, the shorter your time leading the pack should be.  In stiff headwinds you may see the front for only a second or two.  On a gradual downhill, you may spend two minutes leading before you pull off.  The length of a pull also depends on the ability of the rider; if you find yourself struggling to maintain the group's speed, it's time to drop to the back.  If you're feeling strong, you can stay up front longer -- just save something for the trip home.  
And a little advice from Gorilla...  When you get to the front of the group, the key is not to accelerate, but to MAINTAIN the speed of the paceline.  Resist the urge to be macho.  Keep the pace strong, steady and even.  Now is not the time to prove your awesomeness.  Keep your chin up, eyes ahead, hands relaxed, and let the power of the peloton give you wings.

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  1. I so wish I had the guts to road bike in a peloton. I'm such a sissy. And you, my dear, are amazing.


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