Saturday, February 20, 2010


Part of my weekly track workout includes strides as the final run I do before I leave for home.  I kick off my shoes and head to the grass, for four to six strides across the length of the football field.

What ARE strides, exactly?

Strides are runs of 80 to 100 meters, fast but relaxed.  You should accelerate gradually over the first three-quarters of the distance and then decelerate to the end.  Use strides to practice good form and relaxed running.  Strides work fast-twitch fibers in a non-stressful way.  Complete recovery should occur between repetitions, usually 20 seconds is enough.

If you want to feel fast - faster than you have ever felt while running - try some strides in your bare feet across a grassy field.  Man, they feel good.
Wow!  These women must've just done some strides!


Que lindo es sonar despierto.
How lovely it is to dream while you are awake.

Dreams That Have Come True