Friday, September 17, 2010

Fresh Air Fund

I like that sometimes you race for something beyond your own self centeredness.  For a higher purpose.  Like the Best Buddies ride last weekend.  It was a ride for charity and a chance to help kids with developmental disabilities.

El Tour de Tucson is similar.  Their ride raises money for Tu Nidito, an agency that helps kids with serious medical conditions or whose parents have serious medical conditions.

And for awhile now I've had the New York Marathon on my bucket list, not even realizing you can run the marathon AND do something good for someone else.  The Fresh Air fund is one of those charities. It raises money to give inner-city children the chance to enjoy a summer camp.  Remember camp?

I like that you can help someone else while helping yourself.  A marathon is such a "for me" event, that the Fresh Air fund is a nice way to be selfish and giving at the same time.  Love it.

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