Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Small And Simple Things

A shot from the Getty Center in LA, which is neither small or simple.
I don't want to sound "churchy" but this scripture phrase really resonated with me today.  Such truth.

It's the small and simple things that will change our lives, and others' lives.

When I relate it to yesterday's master's workout, Coach Paul gave my stroke just a tweek and I had my little Oprah "ah ha" moment.  Things just worked better.  My stroke improved by a suggestion from him.  Simple.

For those just beginning to run,  or trying out the bike, your efforts don't have to be huge.  You don't need to start with clip-in pedals or $200 bike shorts.  Just get on your bike, even your cruiser, and go.   Or pick up your pace from a walk to a run.  Even if it's just to the streetlight.

And when you're ready, try a sprint triathlon.  Take it day by day.  Make it a habit.  And let your habit change your life.

Small and simple ... I like it.

Words of wisdom from the wisest of all.  

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