Monday, September 13, 2010

Sensory Overload Or The Hearst Castle Best Buddies Charity Race

It's my third time riding in the Best Buddies Charity Century Ride, along with Todd and our good friends Barry and Kim.  Barry's company is a huge donator to Anthony Shriver's Charity.  We are the lucky barnacles that hang onto his good deeds and get the invite to ride along.

It was once again a star-studded weekend.  I mean, when David Hasselhoff sings the National Anthem with Kenny G and Carl Lewis, it's almost surreal.  Here's a look at my weekend --

Saw:  Lots and lots of Audis, Dynamic and famous celebrities, Kids with special needs performing with famous dancers, Colorful team jerseys and sexy bikes, Clouds floating next to beautiful mountains, Tiny glimpses of the most beautiful blue/green water and white sand beaches beneath sharp cliffs of black stone, Aid stations filled with delicious food and beverages, Elephant seals lounging on the sandy shores near the end of our ride, Hearst Castle in the distance, a finish line extravaganza with an awesome post ride masseuse.
It's Phil from the Amazing Race!!!

Heard:  Anthony Shriver's voice for two solid days (you can't forget that voice), The hum and click of bikes speeding along the downhills and bracing for the ups, "Slowing, slowing" cresendo of riders as they called out the slinky effect in the first 10 slow miles, My heartbeat racing at Big Sur then again at mile 75, Natasha Bedingfield's beautiful voice at the post race concert at the Hearst Castle Barn.

Tasted:  Chowder in a bread bowl from Cannery Row, Sandwiches and cookies at the aid stations every 20 miles, Sweet elixir of Gatorade as the day wore on (never tasted so good), A delectable nut encased in a date on the appetizer plate,  Truly finger-lickin' good barbeque sauce on Todd's pork ribs, more delicious tidbits of food milling around near the Hearst Castle pool.
Pre Race Carbo Loading
Smelled:  Fresh fish at Fisherman's Wharf, Licorice scent of anise flowers on the side of the road,  salt water and sea life, eucalyptus trees, fog, barbeque smoke, the finish line, home.
Felt:  Spiritually amazed at the Chopin piece performed by Rex Lewis-Clack at the Friday night cocktail party, Deep down body chill all day long and thankful for my vest and arm warmers, Sun at Big Sur just for a minute, Doubt at mile 75 on why I continue to sign up for this stuff, Fatigue at mile 80, Relief at aid station #4 with great volunteers, The nippy cold water of the Neptune Pool, Thankful to Todd and Barry and Kim who lassoed me in when I was fading, A sense of why Best Buddies is such a great and important charity.
Anthony Shriver talks to Dean Karnazes

Skydivers honoring 9/11
The Neptune!
Nice ride, boys.
Natasha Bedingfield croons

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  1. Sounds fabulous! Love your blog...thanks for the great posts!


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