Sunday, September 26, 2010

Interbike 2010....What's Your Fancy?

Interbike, the annual bike expo in Las Vegas did not disappoint.  The Sands Convention Center was jam packed with booths that carried every item you'd ever want or need for cycling.  I loved browsing the aisles to see what was next around every corner.  There was something for everyone.
The funky fresh bike

The Independent 

The About Town Cruiser

The Two For You Treat
The Guru Fasty

Lance's Back Up
The Fastest Cyclist In The World's Bike

The Post Ride Reward at the Vdara Hotel.  
Oh, and so much more!  I'm already planning my visit next year.  Seriously good stuff.  Loved the artistry of the bikes, the research and development of the aerodynamics, the tiny details in the paint jobs.  Loved you, Interbike.  And Vegas, I can handle you for 36 hours when I get to stay at the Vdara and go to shows like LOVE!

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