Thursday, September 2, 2010

Too Too Much

Sister Madonna
Having been around this sport for awhile, I've seen a lot of burnout.  There are phenomenal athletes who train and race and achieve amazing things, then rack their bike and turn their competitive drive off -- then pack on some lbs.

My favorite athletes are the ones who have let tri training work into their life, instead of take over it.  The tipping point in this sport can be realized very quickly.  If you are coming into a workout fatigued, with dead legs and a miserable attitude, you're probably doing too much.  The most important part of Ironman training is recovery.  And if you're plan isn't allowing for that, it's probably not a good plan.

I like these words from Triathlon Coach Joe Friel:  "Consistency results from moderation. Consistent training means you don’t miss workouts – ever. Missed workouts are the result of too much: too much intensity, too much duration, too much working out and too much stuff in your life. If you train (and live) moderately you will be consistent. If you are consistent you will race faster. It’s not how hard the workouts are. It’s how consistently you do them."

Today is September 2.  How is your streaking?

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