Sunday, January 3, 2010

Born to Run - Two Thumbs Up

If you need a little inspiration to get you up and at 'em for 2010, I suggest reading this book:

Christopher McDougall is a fabulous writer and not-so-fabulous runner.  On his journey to discover why he is constantly plagued with running injuries, he ends up traveling deep into the Copper Canyons of Mexico to meet up with the legendary Tarahumara Tribe of super runners.  His story and analysis of running got me all pumped up to run with a smile on my face and possibly leather sandals on my feet!    If this interests you at all, come borrow my book, or order your own today.  It's a great read and has a ton of good running tips.   I hope my podiatrist brother is on board with this.  McDougall slams orthotics and all modern-day running shoes, especially Nike.  I'm not ready to go barefoot just yet, but he does make you think.


  1. i need to read this.
    love, your daughter,

  2. Read the book, went barefoot, love it!!!


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