Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Live And Learn

Yesterday, I was scheduled for a long run.  In my attempt to train with products I might later use in a race, I tried this:

This is Everlast Energy Shot. I got a free sample at last week's marathon expo. It's small, about the size of a 5-Hour Energy bottle. I thought I'd try it out midway through my 14 mile run as a "pick me up", you know, like a GU or Excedrin.

Holy moly, was I wrong. First of all, I did not feel that super boost of quick immediate energy. I felt nothing. I was 8 miles into my run.

It was AFTER the run that the afterburners kick in. Let me explain.  My guilty pleasure is a little cat nap on Monday mornings after the kids leave for school, since I am up at dark thirty to start my jiggity jog. Instead, yesterday I felt like a little bee buzzing around my house all morning long. I WANTED to lie flat, get a little shut eye. Everlast's answer was a big N.O.!

Todd laughed when I told him about it later. "It's time released," he said. "It's supposed to sustain your energy just like it did."

Well, now I know. Everlast, not for me. And espresso, I'm going to just say, will never be for me either.

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