Thursday, January 7, 2010

Why Not Just Do Freestyle?

Why do flip turns and work on different strokes when training for a race that only involves a straight swim of freestyle?

I can answer that!

1.  The back end of the butterfly stroke teaches you to extend your arms and push out of the water more forcefully.

2.  The streamline in breaststroke teaches you to lengthen your glide and to stretch out for a less choppy swim.

3.  The kick in backstroke gives you the feel of using your entire leg on a kick instead of just your ankles.

4.  And the flip turn teaches you how to extend your body and glide through the water efficiently and easily.

Working on all four strokes is great way to spend your time in the pool.  Each stroke teaches you how to best move your body in the water.  And each swim movement will help you feel more comfortable when you are ready to tackle the open water.

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