Tuesday, January 12, 2010

To Thine Ownself Be True

Have you ever tried to log what you are eating when you are on a diet?  You know, write down everything that goes into your mouth in a day.

It can be shocking!

That same tactic can be used to journal your fitness.  Keeping a workout log is a simple way to keep track of your progress or non progress toward race goals, dietary goals or just overall fitness goals.

For the past several years, I have logged on to trainingpeaks.com to track my daily swims, bikes and runs.  I log in my miles, heart rate zones, minutes per mile or miles per hour, even outdoor temperature and how I felt that day.

At the beginning of each year,  I also write out an Annual Training Plan that outlines my races for the entire year.  I enter the plan into Training Peaks and then receive a daily email that outline exactly what I should be doing that particular day.

Because Ironman training is built  on training blocks, it's nice to have a definite plan to stick by each day.   It's also helpful to look back over a year's time to see what seemed to work when I was feeling good, and what might have caused me to have, say, a horrible training run.  And if you're honest with yourself,  the log will paint an accurate picture of what got you through a marathon with a personal record, or ... not.

As a certified USAT Coach, I have access to Training Peaks for all my clients.  I can set anyone  up with a FREE account.  Better yet, let me write a training plan for your next big event.


  1. Would this help my cycling? I'm so into keeping things simple and spontaneous that i've never had specific goals other than to finish a race. Maybe I should change my thinking and what I tell myself (as Carla tells me) and get organized.


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