Thursday, January 21, 2010

Race Report #2 from the Full-Time Cyclist/Part-Time Runner's Perspective

Dave Funk
Age: 34
Half Marathon Goal Time: 1:35
Finish Time:  1:40
Number of Half Marathons Completed: 2

Training Plan:  Training plan? I think I looked at a plan a few weeks back…then I preceded to go outside and hop on my bike.

What You Wore:  Team UOP tech-T with my Nike Lunar trainers.
Pre-Race Breakfast: Oatmeal with banana before the race, then just Cytomax on the course.
Advice for Others:  Don’t go too fast at the start.** You’re excited and the runners around you are going fast so it’s easy to get sucked into going a minute or so faster each mile then you should. Don’t. Watch your Garmin and stay within yourself or you’ll pay for it at the end.  **see Amy's Advice 1/20/10
Hardest Part of the Race:  Hardest part was the little hill between mile 9 and 10. Your body is already starting to fatigue and that little rise doesn’t help.  
Rate the PF Chang's Half:  The event itself was great. Plenty of volunteers, water/Cytomax, excitement from the fans/bands. This is one race you’d be better off leaving your Ipod at home.  

Editor's Note:  Dave, aka 'Baby Dave' around our house, happens to be my brother, so I got the down and dirty from him.  What caused his lack of umph at then end was his attempt to stay on pace with my cute neighbor and her equally cute twin, who were wearing matching tank tops and running skirts.  I quote:  "I didn't want to get passed by the Barbies!"  But ultimately, that is what happened, and the cute twins passed Dave in the last mile of the race. More from the 'Barbies' on another day.         

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